iRest A100 First Class

480,000 kr.

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SL Curved Rail Technology

The SL Curved Rail Technology features a 135cm-long body track that contours and follows the shape of your spine and provides deep tissue massage from your neck all the way down. This feature allows you to experience full body stretch not available in regular massage chairs. iRest A600 comes with a pillow pad that massages the neck and shoulder. It can be folded or expanded to increase or reduce the intensity of the massage.

Intelligent 3D Massage Hand Rollers Offer Full Body Massage

Built with a group of intelligent and silent 3D massage hands that can move up and down, extends and retracts like a four-wheel drive, the A100 provides simulated hand massages. It can knead, squeeze, flap, press, push, hold, swing and twist. These intelligent 3D Massage hand rollers are designed to provide targeted, more effective massage from your shoulders down all the way down your lower back.

Adjust and Customize Programs with LED Touch screen

Easily view and control your massage program on the 7-inch LED touch screen.

The A100 has smart UI operating system installed that scans and detects your shoulder and body position. Built with acupressure point sensors to target your whole body, you can adjust your position and you can also adjust your massage to be as delicate or as hard as you choose.

It also comes with 23 Auto Massage functions. There are 5 levels of adjustable massage speed to suit your needs and 3 levels of adjustable air pressure intensity for a full relaxing feeling from shoulders to your feet.

Zero Space Technology

While a normal massage chair takes up a lot of space and typically requires 60-80cm to slide down against the wall, the A100 is designed to fit the smallest of spaces. As the backrest reclines down, it saves space by sliding the chair forward. With just a touch of a button, you can adjust and glide smoothly without taking up extra space. It only needs 5cm between itself and the wall. That’s practically nothing!

Experience Rejuvenation with a Hot Stone Massage

iRest A100’s back rest comes with carbon fibre heating (40-50 deg C) to provide warmth, release tension and relieve back pain. It stimulates a hot stone massage experience and has a 3-level temperature adjustable program that allows you to control what feels best for you. Perfect for cold periods and during winter months, you can turn this feature on or off as you please.

36 Air Bags Targeting The Whole Body

This massage chair includes 36 air bags targeting the whole body – from the upper arm, under arm, waist, legs and foot. The air pressure intensity can be freely adjusted so you can control it to the level you’re comfortable with. The air bags are designed to release tightness and tension on your muscles and relieve pain.
Feel Weightless with Zero Gravity

The Zero Gravity is a unique, state of the art technology that allows your legs to comfortably elevate at 118 degrees above your heart, providing you with the most relaxing massage and ultimate tension release. The Zero Gravity position relieves pressure on your back and neck, improves the blood flow to your heart, increases lung expansion and enhances oxygen flow in your body.

Zero Gravity simulates a space flight experience. It provides a feeling of “weightlessness” and puts you in a deep state of relaxation.

Experience Shiatsu Leg Massage and Foot Reflexology

Get a shiatsu massage on your legs as iRest A100 comes with airbags that squeezes legs to release leg muscle tension, relieve stiffness and stress on the calves.

A100 comes with triple foot rollers that targets every muscle of your foot including arch and heel for maximum rejuvenation. It eases foot from pain, stimulates nerve function and help with overall heel and foot relaxation.

Breather Purified Air with Built-in Ion Air Generator Button

The chair comes with built-in Ion Air Generator so you are able to breathe in purified air as you relax deeply into your massage. The ion air generator adds negative ions into the air, which attract and trap positively charged ions that carry allergens and bacteria and help improve indoor air quality.

Other key features:

• A100 comes with a pillow pad that can be adjusted freely.
• Listen to music through crisp, high quality built-in 3D digital speaker. Use the Bluetooth function of your smart device to play music on a wireless connection.
• USB jack to charge your phone and mobile phone holder for convenience
• Built in short cut button controller on the armrest for easy control
• Three-level shoulder width adjustment caters for all body type
• Leg section extends automatically to accommodate any length.
• Users can save up to three of their favourite automatic programs
• English and Korean settings available