Platinum Heitur Pottur/Staðfesta fyrir x

998,000 kr.

„The big one“ – This is the Platinum model of our hot tubs

Size: 2300x2100x900mm

5-seater + couch

1360 liters


  • Water pump (2HP): 2pcs Filter pump(0.5HP): 1pc Pillow: 3pcs
  • Paper element filter: 1pc
  • USA Ozone sterilization: 1pc
  • USA Heater (3KW): 2pc Total 6kw
  • USA Balboa Control system TP600 with WIFI : 1set Normal Plastic hem: 1set
  • 3 inch jets: 10pcs
  • 2 inch jets: 26pcs
  • Bottom light(3W): ​​1pc
  • Water pipe & valve: 1batch
  • Outlet valve switch at hem: 1pc

With the following options:

  • Small LED light 20pcs
  • Heat insulation on tub body 1pc
  • Heat insulation foam on hem Cover and PS two-step stair Bluetooth Player with speaker Stainless steel fountain 3pcs Water fall 1pc
  • 1 pc
  • 1 set
  • Corner light of the skirt 4pcs with overflow 1set
  • Install the Ball valve drain 1set ABS+Fiberglass bottom 1set

A001, A006, A007, A010, A014, A019, A020, LM8109, MT8027