Vinsælasta Hitaveituskelin/ staðfesta fyrir 10.mars 2024

588,000 kr.


Staðfesta pöntun fyrir 10.mars 2024

(áætluð til landsins í maí)

Greiðslu skilmálar:

25% staðfesting

25% þegar gámur er lagður af stað,

50% við afhendingu.

Staðfesta pöntun:


  • Size: 2100x2100x900mm
  • 7 seats
  • 1100 liters

Comes with: Carrycot, trim, steps, cover, headrests, overflow, drain, water inlet/outlet, shell comes insulated with urethane

Comes with included in the price: 

LED lighting/Bottom light
comes with an Icelandic plug. and only needs to be plugged in to activate the lighting, there is a button in the shell to turn it on and off.

2x Bluetooth speakers

which come fitted and ready to wear, fitted and ready


Many color options for shell, frame and lid.


A001, A006, A007, A010, A014, A019, A020, LM8109, MT8027